Series MD

Electric Pump

CheckPoint’s Series MD pump delivers up to 2,220 USG/H (8,403 L/H) and can reliably inject into pressures up to 2,500 PSIG (172 BARG). The Series MD features hydraulically actuated balanced diaphragms, with each containing an internal suction and discharge check. Each diaphragm is sequentially actuated by a cam shaft or wobble plate design, delivering up to 90 discharge cycles per second. The Series MD has low-mass poppet check valves, and none of its sliding parts ever come into contact with the chemical. These features allow particles to pass through the pump without causing damage, guaranteeing long-term reliability and superior uptime.

Most models may also be equipped with a diaphragm vacuum safety (DVS) enhancement. This offers additional protection against diaphragm rupture in any condition that results in excess vacuum on the pump inlet. The flow rate is controlled by varying the speed of the motor with a variable-frequency drive (VFD). Any changes can be easily implemented while the unit is running, either locally at the device or remotely using a 4-20mA signal. The Series MD can accommodate a variety of motors, ensuring compliance to any stringent electrical requirements. Every aspect of the construction of this pump ensures high stability, low downtime, and the immense dependability that CheckPoint consistently guarantees.

Performance Data