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Excellence is the framework for everything we do

CheckPoint® is a leading provider of chemical injection solutions. We design, manufacture, and market the world’s most reliable pneumatic, electric, and solar chemical injection pumps, along with standard and custom pump packages, control panels, pressure test systems, process components, and green energy solutions.


CheckPoint pumps precisely inject liquids, including highly corrosive chemicals, into process systems. Our pumps are often used for continuous injection and batch processes where flow metering accuracy is paramount.

About CheckPoint

At CheckPoint Pumps & Systems, we define chemical injection. We are proud that the pump industry has embraced the science behind our award-winning products.

Founded in 1993, we’ve now expanded our products and operations globally. Our size allows us to effectively facilitate the needs of the world’s largest industrial clients while maintaining the attentive service qualities of a small company.

We in the CheckPoint family recognize that our efficiency contributes to your success, and we don’t take this position lightly. Whether your solution is a single pumping application, or an expansive engineered system, CheckPoint is committed to becoming your partner in excellence.

  • CheckPoint Worldwide

    With a global presence and a genuine customer-focused culture, we have tailored our products and services to suit the needs of our customers throughout the world. Contact a local CheckPoint office or distributor to find a solution for your chemical injection needs.

  • Certified Quality

    At CheckPoint, we strive for excellence in everything we do. We are committed to safety, environmental, and quality assurance. CheckPoint is ISO 9001:2015-certified, is a Member Contractor of ISNetworld® and is compliant with ATEX, NEMA, API 674/675, and NACE MR0175 standards.

  • News and Events

    CheckPoint sponsors and participates in numerous industry events and trade shows. Find out more about our involvement here.

What others say about us

“I have had great success with the use of Checkpoint chemical pumps. On more than one occasion, I have had customers (Walter Oil, LLOG Exploration, St. Mary Land, Apache, Eni Petroleum, etc.) with the need for a chemical pump to resolve a particular problem whether it pertained to water treatment, corrosion, high CO2, hydrates, etc. We have found the CheckPoint pneumatic pumps to be very reliable with the use of wet gas supply in the field, offshore and on land, where the pumps operate on unmanned facilities and are not monitored closely. The chemical pump exchange program is an added value to our customers.”
“Petrobras America Inc. have been using several CheckPoint Series 8400 pump and skid assemblies for the injection of Paraffin Inhibitor at our East Cameron production platform (Cottonwood field) in the Gulf of Mexico. This is a very high-pressure application (15,000 PSIG) and we experienced trouble with other systems in the past. We have been using CheckPoint pumps for over a year now with no problems at all. Our dealings with CheckPoint have been most professional and we are completely satisfied with their products and the service they have offered.”
“CheckPoint chemical injection pumps are being used in Azerbaijan to inject PPD and methanol. We have experienced no packing problems or internal mechanical problems with them. We do not experience drifting of the chemical injection rate – this cuts down on all the problems associated with too much chemical being injected, or not enough chemical injected.”
At this facility we use a CheckPoint pump to pump a water treatment chemical that belongs to the Polyacrylamide chemical family. In other words, the chemical is almost a liquid silicone and works great on water treatment. CheckPoint pumps have given us very little trouble pumping this chemical. We often clean our inline 3/8″ check valves which clog with the chemical approximately 3 times per week. The pump checks for whatever reason do not clog often. We have used a CheckPoint pump on this application for approximately five years. The turnaround period from the time we send a pump in until we receive another is very acceptable. We are all satisfied.”

Whether your solution requires a single pumping application or an expansive engineered system,
CheckPoint is committed to becoming your partner in excellence.