Series MDZ

Electric Pump

CheckPoint’s Series MDZ pump delivers up to 60 USG/H (227 L/H) and can reliably inject into pressures up to 1,500 PSIG (103 BARG). The Series MDZ features a unique drive system which efficiently converts the rotational energy of the motor to axial energy and pressurizes hydraulic oil, actuating a single nonmetallic diaphragm. The process pressure is constantly balanced by hydraulic pressure on its opposing side so the flexible diaphragm essentially experiences zero differential pressure – enabling incredibly low diaphragm failure rates.

The Series MDZ has low-mass poppet check valves, and none of its sliding parts ever come into contact with the chemical. These features allow particles to pass through the pump without causing damage, guaranteeing long-term reliability and superior uptime. The flow rate is controlled by varying the speed of the motor with a variable-frequency drive (VFD). Any changes can be easily implemented while the unit is running, either locally at the device or remotely using a 4-20mA signal. The Series MDZ can accommodate a variety of motors, ensuring compliance to any stringent electrical requirements. The construction of this pump ensures high stability, low downtime, and the immense dependability that CheckPoint consistently guarantees.

Our pumps maintain unparalleled chemical resistance due to the essential integration of high-quality, proprietary seal materials. In order to meet a wide variety of chemical compatibility needs, wetted parts are available in an array of materials, such as 316 SS, Hastelloy C-276, brass, PVDF, and polypropylene, and seals are available in EPDM, FKM, PTFE, Neoprene, and Buna-N.

Performance Data