Installation Kit

CheckPoint’s Installation Kit includes the essential pump components, fittings, and ball valves necessary to guarantee a safe and effective pump installation. CheckPoint assembled this easy-install kit to ensure that your pump is primed and functioning optimally. For modularity, each kit contains Norgren Quikclamp™ connections and a quick-release bayonet bowl. The lubricator flow sensor provides a nearly constant oil/air ratio over a wide range of airflows. The 360° visibility provided by the lubricator’s sight-feed dome simplifies installation and adjustment. The regulator-balanced valve minimizes the effects of inlet pressure variation on the outlet pressure. The installation kit also contains CheckPoint’s ST Chemical Filter, CheckRate GS Calibration Gauge, 316 SS ball valves, fittings and 1 pint of Kilfrost. Kilfrost is a pneumatic anti-freeze lubricant, which enhances the user experience by decreasing pump freeze. This installation kit provides the essential accessories required for installing and maintaining a CheckPoint pump, and it is recommended to protect your investment while reducing field expenses from maintenance.

Installation Kit Components


  • True modularity with Norgren Quikclamp™ connections
  • Quick-release bayonet bowl
  • Lubricator flow sensor provides a nearly constant oil/air ratio over a wide range of air flows
  • 360° visibility of the lubricator sight-feed dome simplifies installation and adjustment
  • Regulator balanced valve minimizes effect of variation in the inlet pressure on the outlet pressure
  • Increases CheckPoint motor seal life


  • Chemically Inert Porous HDPE or 316 SS PTFE Element
  • Minimum Pressure Drop
  • Easy to Disassemble
  • Low Clearance Requirement
  • Very Large Wetted Surface Area
  • Increases CheckPoint Pump Life Span
  • 316 SS Construction


  • 85 USG/Day – 325L/Day Capacity
  • 100% PVC Construction
  • Lightweight & Economical
  • Impact-resistant 316 SS


  • 316 SS Construction


  • Pneumatic Anti-freeze Lubricant
  • Greatly Decreases Pump Freeze
  • 1 Pint Included in Each Kit