“Our CheckPoint pumps have been in service without a single problem. Furthermore, we recently went through a harsh winter and did not have to do any service to the pumps. I highly recommend CheckPoint pumps for any chemical service.”

“Our company, Baker Petrolite Corporation, has utilized chemical injection equipment manufactured by CheckPoint for a number of years. I have personally interfaced with CheckPoint personnel (both in Aberdeen, Scotland and Louisiana, USA), and I have found them to be very knowledgeable about the equipment they build, as well as many of the applications for which the equipment is designed.”

“I must say without a doubt that this [CheckPoint] product has reduced our chemical injection pump down time tremendously. We have experienced no packing problems or internal mechanical problems with this pump. You can set the desired rate per day, and come back in a week and find the pump just as you set it. In turn, this cuts down on our chemical costs tremendously, and manpower to maintain these pumps. With the most accurate rate adjustment of any chemical pump that I’ve been associated with, this just about eliminates any process problems due to chemical injection rates. [In one application], we used low pressure sea water to supply the power end of the chemical pump. To our surprise the pump worked as it would have if it were running on air or gas!

To sum it all up, I am sold on the CheckPoint chemical pump. This is the best pump that has been around for a long, long, time.”

“We currently use CheckPoint pumps to meet many of our chemical delivery needs across a wide variety of applications at the TengizChevroil facility in Tengiz, Kazakhstan. Desirable features of the CheckPoint pumps include high durability and consistently reliable operations in harsh operating environments. Outstanding technical support and professionally trained field service technicians are key aspects of what we have come to expect from our CheckPoint representatives. We have used the CheckPoint field service technicians for routine maintenance, emergency repairs, and to conduct technical training for maintenance and operations personnel, all with outstanding results.

I can in good faith and with a clear conscience highly recommend the use of CheckPoint chemical delivery systems and pumps.”