Offshore Challenges Answered by CheckPoint’s Revolutionary ChemPod

An Oil Industry Leader was looking for a chemical injection system to service their off shore platforms; all of which were beginning a new corrosion inhibitor program. A reliable, safe solution was required, needing minimal maintenance and/or supervision. An autonomous system was specified, due to power and support infrastructure. The injection package area was categorized as a Classification 1 Division 2.

CheckPoint Pumps & Systems exceeded the Customer’s requirements for this application, designing and manufacturing five all-inclusive custom systems, “ChemPods”, equipped for a very constrained footprint.

CheckPoint’s ChemPod package components:

  • CheckPoint Series FXA, solar panel, and custom 150 gallon tank
  • Skid mounting capable
  • Compliant with Class 1 Div 2, API 14C, weld certifications
  • All materials made of 316SS due to corrosion prone environment

The custom made solar packages safeguarded insolation compliance. CheckPoint’s FXA motor also guaranteed very accurate dosing, thereby optimizing the Oil Industry Leader’s production and minimizing chemical losses.

Innovative ChemPod solution exceeds expectation!

  • Small footprint accommodates 150 Gallon custom-made SS tank
  • Solar powered solution that exceeds requirement of remote offshore platforms