Mandeville, LA – April 4, 2017

CheckPoint Pumps & Systems proudly launched its latest innovation, the Series HDA electric diaphragm chemical injection pump, rising to meet a strong worldwide demand. The Series HDA comes equipped with a unique, patent-pending design, featuring a diaphragm dosing head that allows for efficient, environmentally safe injection of a wide array of chemicals, as well as ease of operation in any location, including remote and unmanned areas.

Scott Fairley, CheckPoint’s President, expressed his enthusiasm for the new product: “This brings us one step closer toward achieving our ultimate goal, which is to offer a full range of pumps that covers the entire spectrum of chemical injection. We offer a complete and extensive collection of pneumatic, electric, and solar plunger pumps, and we are now expanding even further to add hydraulic diaphragms to that range.”

Fairley also pointed out the importance of reducing client deviations and ensuring that CheckPoint becomes a single source for all chemical injection needs. “The Series HDA will elevate and complement our current offering, empowering us to reach new customers; simultaneously, it will give our loyal clients the opportunity to depend on our pumps across a wider range of their applications. We are very proud of this pump, as we are of all of our products; its patent-pending design has undergone years of development. It pays to continue innovating and investing in R&D, even in light of a global downturn in our industry—we accept this as fact, and we embrace the responsibility.”

With that responsibility to progress in mind, CheckPoint has wholly responded to global industry conditions by designing an environmentally friendly, airtight, and emission-proof diaphragm pump. The Series HDA features a triple-layered metallic diaphragm and uses reciprocating motion to build up hydraulic pressure on one side of the diaphragm, which is then transmitted through to pump the chemical on the other side. The innovative, leak-proof HDA diaphragm not only flexes easily but is also extremely robust and highly pressure-resistant. These factors, combined with its multi-layer sandwich design, ensure no contamination between the two liquid bodies and allow the HDA to function safely at all times—even if one layer becomes damaged.

All CheckPoint pumps are crafted in the United States, with durable, high-quality materials that allow for accurate, reliable, and long-term functioning. They require little maintenance and are capable of operating with minimum downtime, ensuring superior return on investment for both the operator and end-user. CheckPoint guarantees 12 months of materials and workmanship for its products.

Since its inception in 1993, CheckPoint has expanded its products and operations globally. A wide geographical footprint paired with streamlined operations allows CheckPoint to facilitate the needs of the world’s largest industrial clients, while maintaining attentive service qualities offered by smaller companies. CheckPoint is committed to safety, environmental and quality assurance. CheckPoint is ISO 9001:2008 certified and is a Member Contractor of ISNetworld®, and its products are compliant with ATEX, NEMA, API 674/675, and NACE MR0175 standards.

For more information, contact sales@cppumps.com, or visit the Series HDA Chemical Injection Pump product page at checkpointpstg.wpengine.com.


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