Series 6200

Pneumatic Pump

The Series 6200 pump features a unique head design, which integrates a check valve into the plunger tip and moves liquid on both sides of the stroke, thus increasing flow output and providing continuous injection. The Series 6200 maintains flow rates that range from 1.8 – 58.0 USG/H (6.8 – 219.5 L/H) and reliably injects into pressures up to 10,000 PSIG (689 BARG).

CheckPoint’s positive displacement, reciprocating chemical injection pumps are specifically designed for, and extensively proven in, demanding oil and gas production applications worldwide. Our pumps are utilized in various industries, such as pulp, water treatment, fertilizer dosing, paper, and fluid processing applications, where precise delivery is operationally paramount. The pneumatic motor, composed entirely 316L SS, remains isolated from the wet end and is dependably able to run on pressurized gas or liquid without stalling. Check-Point’s double-acting design eliminates a return spring, which greatly increases repeatability and reliability over time.

Performance Data