Mandeville, LA – February 4, 2013

CheckPoint Pumps and Systems has been profiled on Today in America with Terry Bradshaw, a television program exploring how companies and entrepreneurs have used technology and new methods to overcome challenges in their industry.

Today in America covers a range of series topics, including the American Industry. With a shift in focus on the fluid pump, the television show selected CheckPoint, a leading manufacturer of precise and durable pumps and other chemical injection solutions for the oil and gas industry.

Jim Nicholas Veser, Sr. Vice President of Production at Today in America noted, “We are thrilled to be working with CheckPoint Pumps & Systems on Today in America. They are the leaders in their field, and it was absolutely necessary to focus on both reliability and quality within this particular segment. There was no other company that met the criteria as well as they did.”

“CheckPoint is honored to receive recognition from Today in America,” said Andrew C. Elliott, CEO. “It was a pleasure to work with the skilled and dedicated TIA team to produce this informative and professional documentary. I think everyone will enjoy this behind-the-scenes look at this uniquely vital industry and how far technology has advanced in order to deliver the energy the world needs to run.”

The five minute segment featuring CheckPoint Pumps & Systems begins airing on the FOX network starting February 2, 2013.

About Today in America: Today in America successfully blends business news stories, lifestyle features and in-depth interviews with doctors, scientists, inventors, business owners, philanthropists and newsmakers from a variety of industries. Today in America is the first show of its genre hosted by Terry Bradshaw that’s geared towards the educated, affluent viewer. Additional information can be found at

About CheckPoint: CheckPoint Pumps & Systems® is a chemical injection solutions company. CheckPoint is engaged in development, manufacturing and sale of chemical injection pumps and packages designed to increase cost savings with the reduction of chemical waste, lost production, gas consumption, and maintenance time. Additional information can be found at

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