Can Your System Safely Handle Dual Applications?

The ‘Columba E’ Seawater Injection Project required a pneumatically-powered ATEX-compliant injection system to dose media at 5,650 PSIG (390 BARG) with storage facility for both chemicals and fresh water for flushing operations on the Ninian South platform in the North Sea.

The Client’s high specification called for a design pressure of 10,152 PSIG (700 BARG) with coned and threaded tubing, valves & fittings throughout the pump cabinets featuring CheckPoint P50-G108 and Hydratron DHDA-66X Chem pumps for Scale Inhibitor and Biocide duties respectively.

The build included duty & standby pump trains, pulsation dampeners, remote and local shutdown facility all within a very tight envelope which demanded a great deal of meticulous design drafting in the initial stages of the project.

Scale Inhibitor & Biocide

  • Accurate dosing of Scale Inhibitor & Biocide
  • High pressure
  • Hazardous area