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CheckPoint Pumps & Systems factory-designed and fabricated injection packages simplify your chemical dosing program.

Our field experience and design know-how is your assurance that every component in every package will work together to give you "plug & play" convenience.

Around the world, and across a range of industries, CheckPoint Pumps & Systems reliability reduces operating costs.

Our single and multi-pump packages are designed and fabricated in-house to maximize pump reliability and customer convenience.

From a basic, tubular-frame, single-pump, single-point unit to complex, automated packages with multiple pumps, chemicals, injection points, and flow control criteria, we can design, build, and support it.

Automated Package Description 

YouTube video of CheckPoint's Automated Pneumatic Assembly

Injection Package Solutions

CheckPoint Pumps & Systems injection packages are designed, fabricated, and tested in-house to provide outstanding functionality and quality. The following are some examples of CheckPoint's innovative approach to some challenging applications:


  • Variable viscosity
  • Extreme temperature conditions
  • Multiple pumps had failed
    within hours

Clariant/Petrofac/BP, North Sea

After trying a variety of different pumps, Clariant turned to CheckPoint Pumps & Systems to devise a reliable method for dosing their highly effective but challenging drag reducing agent.

The chemical was extremely sensitive to ambient temperature, with viscosity varying from 500 - 2000 centipoise (cp). Compounding the challenge, the chemical would often congeal into lumps within the IBC storage tanks, making it nearly impossible to even get it into the pump suction, much less filter.

CheckPoint added a double-diaphragm pump to pre-charge the suction side of a Series 8400 pneumatic process pump. This setup demonstrated continuous and reliable flow of 53 USG/H (200 L/H) at 5,400 PSIG (370 BARG) discharge pressure.

The production package contained both pumps within a 316 SS stainless steel framework, and included an electronic flow meter at the discharge point, with readout as instantaneous flow rate and totalized. The system has been in service 24/7 since April 2004 under the harsh offshore conditions of the North Sea.

CheckPoint has already built two more identical systems for this client since the initial project.


  • Highly corrosive
  • Hastelloy C276 construction
  • Multiple PVC pumps had failed

Multiple Clients

Replace existing failure-prone and unreliable plastic-based systems using robust materials of construction.

Sodium Hypochlorite is incompatible with most metals. Common practice has been to use plastics like PVC or PFA which are generally chemically compatible but not durable. In offshore and heavy industrial applications, these components are easily damaged by sunlight, temperature extremes, and even during installation/commissioning, resulting in dangerous leaks. Further, plastic cannot generally be used above a pressure of 150 PSIG (10 BARG), rendering them unsuitable for many applications.

CheckPoint Pumps & Systems addressed this problem with a package-mounted system containing twin pneumatic pumps. All wetted components have been composed of Hastelloy C276, including all pipe work and fittings. In one instance, this simple and affordable package (roughly $40,000) replaced a $400,000 electrically-driven system which had previously proven highly unreliable.


  • Completely portable
  • Self-powered system
  • Correct injection quantity

Clough Engineering/PPL, Pakistan

The customer required complete portability, ease of use, and accuracy for mission-critical methanol dosing at high volumes and pressures on multiple injection points at an onshore gas production facility. Due to a lack of any type of power supply, the unit had to generate its own power and be completely self-sufficient. Pressures at the injection points were to be as high as 10,000 PSIG (690 BARG) and as low as 3,000 PSIG (207 BARG), yet the methanol flow rate needed to remain the same at any injection point.

CheckPoint's creative solution utilized a diesel-driven air compressor to drive a high volume/high pressure pneumatic chemical pump. A special self-adjusting metering valve was installed in the discharge line to maintain a constant flow at any injection point. To prevent over-pressuring any process equipment, a series of four certified pressure relief valves were manifolded into the discharge system, allowing the operator to customize the relief pressure for the specific injection point by isolating the appropriate relief valve. The entire package, including a 550 gallon 316SS tank, was housed within a 316SS custom-fabricated containment package, and mounted to a trailer.  



  • Custom "bespoke" packages
  • ATEX specifications and
  • documentation requirement

Exacting ATEX Specifications, North Sea

Talisman Tartan platform required a pneumatically-powered, multi-pump, ATEX-compliant injection system with innovative safety features. Our solution featured a remotely-controlled shutoff valve for master air supply, and automatic individual pump limiters to stop any pump if its discharge pressure exceeded its pre-set limit.

Apache Forties Bravo platform required an enclosed, multi-pump ATEX-compliant package with an extremely small footprint. The eight-pump unit CheckPoint provided was a stackable, modular design and staggered I/O porting to facilitate logical interconnection between the units and removable lightweight polycarbonate front access windows.


  • Design and manufacture
    standardized packages
  • Easily replicated and rapidly
    deployed around the world
  • Nearly universal acceptance and versatility

Universally Acceptable

The challenge CheckPoint Pumps & Systems undertook was to create a standard package footprint, P&ID, and general arrangement that was consistent and predictable, compact enough for easy transport, and interchangeable in plants and at production facilities around the world. CheckPoint constantly refines its designs, and they represent the very best chance of uninterrupted, accurate, and convenient chemical dosing available anywhere at any price.

CheckPoint's fleet of standard packages is now available in locations around the world. Many are on rental at any given time, some staying out for years and others only for a single day. These packages have made sourcing and deploying chemical dosing equipment easier for our customers while offering maximum reliability.


  • Accurate dosing of Scale Inhibitor
    & Biocide
  • High pressure
  • Hazardous area

CNR, North Sea

The 'Columba E' Seawater Injection Project required a pneumatically-powered ATEX-compliant injection system to dose media at 5,650 PSIG (390 BARG) with storage facility for both chemicals and fresh water for flushing operations on the Ninian South platform in the North Sea.

The Client's high specification called for a design pressure of 700 Barg with coned and threaded tubing, valves & fittings throughout the pump cabinets featuring CheckPoint P50-G108 and Hydratron DHDA-66XChem pumps for Scale Inhibitor and Biocide duties respectively.

The build included duty & standby pump trains, pulsation dampeners, remote and local shutdown facility all within a very tight envelope which demanded a great deal of meticulous design drafting in the initial stages of the project.


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