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Gas Recovery (GR) Option

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The Gas Recovery (GR) Option is available on all new and existing CheckPoint Series 1250, Series 1500, Series K, Series 6200, Series 5400 and Series 8400 Chemical Injection Pumps. This option ties together the supply gas vent ports on the pump motor, enabling recovery or re-routing of all exhausted supply gases. This feature is specifically intended for oil and gas producers who use natural gas to drive their pneumatic chemical injectors.

Why use gas recovery? 

  • Reduce natural gas emissions— The GR Option protects the environment by eliminating injection pump exhaust. Pneumatic equipment is the largest cause of natural gas emissions and loss during gas production.
  • Reliability—The GR Option takes advantage of a natural design benefit of the CheckPoint patented double-acting pilot valve. Therefore, reliability and pump function are the same as CheckPoint's standard 1250, 1500, 5400 and 8400 Series . Existing pumps can even be GR retrofitted at the factory. 
  • Avoid wasting natural gas reserves— If your current pumps vent to atmosphere, you're probably wasting millions of cubic feet of your gas reserves each year. If you can send that gas back to a compressor or to a pneumatic instrument panel, you save 100% of that gas.

Back pressure capability

The patented GR feature enables gas re-routing and recovery, even against significant recovery system back pressure. In fact, depending on the chemical discharge pressure, the recovery pressure can be as high as 170 psig. No other injection pump can offer this benefit.

Typical recovery applications

  • Returning exhaust gas to a gas compressor inlet
  • Feeding existing pneumatic instrument or control systems
  • Re-routing gas outside of sealed enclosures
  • In sour gas conditions, recovering exhausted sour gas to a separate H2S scavenger system (all pump components are NACE MRO 175 compliant)
  • Running catalytic gas heaters
  • Venting to a flare stack header
  • Re-injecting driver gas on odorization systems

If you use natural gas to run your injector

  • Route GR exhaust to a lower-pressure gas system as in the examples above, OR
  • Route GR exhaust gas outside an enclosure where natural gas buildup must be prevented. A GR pump will work for less than an equivalent electric pump and is intrinsically safe.

1250/1500 Gas Recovery: US Patent No. 5468127, International Patents Issued and Pending.
5400/8400: Patents: US5468127, US6183217, US6736146, EP1413750. Other International Patents Issued and Pending.  For further information, contact your authorized CheckPoint distributor.

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